• Post time: 01-16-2021

    --by Peter from Today at 3DWork we are going to analyze a new integral extruder called BIQU H2 that the Chinese company BIQU has developed for its new BIQU BX printer. In case you are not aware, this new printer was successfully financed through the famous Crowdfunding platforms Indiego...Read more »

  • BIQU B1 VS Creality Ender3 V2
    Post time: 10-05-2020

    BIQU B1 VS Creality Ender3 V2 When the Creality Ender3 was the hottest, I bought one. It is not perfect, but  considering its favorable price, I think this machine is blameless. Therefore, when they made Ender3 V2, it was not difficult for me to choose to get one. Recently, I heard a piece of new...Read more »

  • BIQU to realize B1, 32 Bit Dual Operation System 3D printer
    Post time: 10-05-2020

    BIQU to realize B1, 32 Bit Dual Operation System 3D printer BIQU has announced the release of a new consumer-grade and desktop-sized FDM 3D printer, BIQU B1. With the super 32 Bit Dual Operation System, the BIQU is designed to be a consumer-friendly 3D printer with a lot of applied features with ...Read more »

  • Transformation of BIGTREETECH  Overview
    Post time: 10-05-2020

    Shenzhen Bigtree Technology Co., Ltd., founded in April 2015, focuses on the R&D and production of 3D printers and accessories. We have two brands, BIGTREETECH for accessories and BIQU for 3D printer. BIGTREETECH, providing users with more chance of DIY, has SKR, TFT, and TMC series. Since th...Read more »

  • The Best 3D printer motherboard for newbies ——  BIGTREETECH SKR MINI E3 V2.0
    Post time: 10-05-2020

    The Best 3D printer motherboard for newbies —— BIGTREETECH SKR MINI E3 V2.0 Most 3D printer users have Ender3. However, because Ender3 has been launched for a long time, the stock board may not meet the higher needs of users. For novices who have not replaced 3D printer accessories,  BIGTREETECH ...Read more »