BIQU B1 VS Creality Ender3 V2

BIQU B1 VS Creality Ender3 V2

When the Creality Ender3 was the hottest, I bought one. It is not perfect, but  considering its favorable price, I think this machine is blameless. Therefore, when they made Ender3 V2, it was not difficult for me to choose to get one. Recently, I heard a piece of news that Big-Tree Tech, who produces several good grades for Ender3, has just released a 3D printer, BIQU B1. Interestingly, my daughter liked the pink design of B1 and asked to get one for her birthday. In the end, I got two products with similar functions and similar price, which inspired me to write this comparative evaluation. I hope this article will help you to find which to choose.

BIQU B1 VS Creality Ender3 V2.jpg

Motherboard & Stepper driver

The mainboard of BIQU B1 is BTT Skr 1.4 with TMC2225 stepper driver. Big-tree Tech Skr series are my favorite 3D printer upgrades. I almost try all the Skr boards, and objectively speaking, they are really superb. Skr 1.4 has a 32 Bit Dual Operation System 100Mhz Lpc1768 chip, which ensure the great printing performance of BIQU B1. The TMC2225 stepper drivers in Skr 1.4 are powerful, which enables the printing process really silent. In the meanwhile, Ender3 V2 also applies a 32 Bit Dual Operation system with 72Mhz Stm32f103 chip and TMC 2208. I had to admit that TMC2208 is not comparable to TMC2225 in terms of noise reduction. In general, I prefer motherboards from BIQU B1 . After all, the motherboards produced by them in recent years have been well received by many makes.


BIQU B1 VS Creality Ender3 V2 b.jpg

Extruder: BIQU B1 VS Ender 3 V2

As we can see in the image above, BIQU B1 has BIQU B1 has 3 cooling fan, one more than Ender3 V2.B1 applies type-C connector on the extruder, both sides can be used, very convenient to operate. All-in-one C connector makes for a very tidy cable setup and easy replacement or repairment of extruder.In ender3 v2, multiple cables are connected to the internal printed circuit board of the extruder. Therefore, if you need to replace the extruder, you need to disassemble the extruder and reconnect multiple cables. Another highlight of BIQU B1 extruder is the RGB lights, which my girls really like. Four colors of RGB light on the extruder and 8 colors of the encoder are available. And the color can be changed with the touch screen. With the cool light, the printing status can be viewed in the dark night. As a comparison, there is no similar design on Ender3 V2.

BIQU B1 RGB light options.jpg

BIQU B1 RGB light options

Power supply and Mechanical structure

Considering power supply, Ender3 V2 is a better choice since Ender 3 V2 applies Meanwell power supply while the BIQU B1 only uses normal one. Both of them use Prusa i3 structure with single Z-axis. The difference is that BIQU B1 is designed with two Y-axis guide rails, and its stability is stronger than that of the single guide rail structure of Ender3 V2.

BIQU B1 VS Ender 3 V2 c.jpg

Y axis: BIQU B1 VS Ender 3 V2

Screen Mode

BIQU provides dual operating system. Both BTT TFT35 V3.0 marlin and touch screen modes are available. And the swift of the operating system only takes one click. To my surprise, there are up 15 languages on choice, including English, French, German, Portuguese and etc., while Ender3 V2 only supports Marlin Mode with 2 languages English & Chinese). Another reason to choose BIQU B1 is that Big-tree engineer team will continue to provide screen operating system updates in the future.

Filament feeding system

One of the favorite feature of Ender3 V2 is the rotary knob added on the extruder. This great design makes it easier to load and feed filament. BIQU B1 does not have this design, but its advantage lies in the filament break detection module. There is also a filament sensor to detect the broken material. Once the filament is detected to break, it will automatically stop printing.

BIQU B1 VS Creality Ender3 V2 e.jpg

Printing hotbed

Ender3 V2 applies tempered carborundum glass bed. This material is often complained by users that it is not easy to remove the printed parts. And it is easy to scratch the surface of the bed when the model is removed with a spatula.BIQU B1 has a unique flexible removable super spring steel (SSS) with a soft magnetic patch. Customers can easily remove the printing item after the steel sheet cooling down.  In addition, the spring steel plate will be more durable than surface glass bed and it is easier to takoff the model.

BIQU B1 VS Ender 3 V2 d.jpg

Printing hotbed: BIQU B1 VS Ender 3 V2



In summary, these two 3D printers have their own advantages and disadvantages. If you want to choose a machine and replace the Ender3 in your hand, I think both are good choices. My suggestion is that if you value software functions and product interactivity more, you can choose BIQU B1. If you value brand influence, Ender3 V2 may be more suitable for you. Finally, I have to say that BIQU B1, as the first 3D printer of main series of Big-tree Tech, delivered a very good answer sheet. I look forward to their 3D printers in the future.


Post time: 10-05-2020