BIQU to realize B1, 32 Bit Dual Operation System 3D printer

BIQU to realize B1, 32 Bit Dual Operation System 3D printer

BIQU has announced the release of a new consumer-grade and desktop-sized FDM 3D printer, BIQU B1. With the super 32 Bit Dual Operation System, the BIQU is designed to be a consumer-friendly 3D printer with a lot of applied features with a affordable price at 267$. Therefore, it has won wide acclaim from engineers, artists, and hobbyists alike. 

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Printing Size         235 x 235 x 270mm

Nozzle Quantity        1 PCS

Layer Thickness      0.1mm - 0.3mm

Nozzle Diameter Standard 0.4mm

Printing Accuracy     ±0.05mm

Rated Voltage        100 - 120V / 200 - 240V  50 / 60 HZ

Output Voltage        24V

Rated Power         270W

Max Temp of Hot Bed 100℃

Max Temp of Nozzle     260℃

OS Compatible         Win 7 / Win 10

Max Printing Speed     100mm/s

Normal Printing Speed  60mm/s



The mainboard of BIQU B1 is BTT Skr V4.0 with ARM Cortex-M3 CPU. It has motor driver interface of X, Y, Z, E0, E1. The TMC2225 stepper drivers in this board  are powerful, which enables the printing process really silent.There are also great DIY interface of I2C, SPI and WIFI double z-axis. Therefore, BIQU B1 is really easy to operate, which is friendly to the beginners.

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BIQU B1 has different connecting methods, which supports data cable, TF card and USB interface. It is compatible with slicing software like Cura, Repetier-Host and Simplify 3D. B1 comes with a recovery printing module, which allows the printer to continue printing after reconnecting the power supply. At the same time, B1 also has a filament exhaustion detection module, which can automatically cut off the power after detecting the filament exhaustion, thereby saving power consumption.




BIQU provides dual operating system. Both BTT TFT35 V3.0 marlin and touch work modes are available. Customers can switch the operating system with only one click. There are up 15 languages on choice, including English, French, German, Portuguese and etc..

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Other features


BIQU B1 has a unique flexible removable super spring steel (SSS) with a soft magnetic patch. Customers can easily remove the printing item after the steel sheet cooling down. There is also a filament sensor to detect the broken material. Once the filament is detected to break, it will automatically stop printing. Four color RGB light on the extruder and 8 colors for the encoder is available. And you change the color with the touch screen. With the cool light, the printing status can be viewed in the dark night. Besides, B1 applies type-C connector on the extruder, both sides can be used, very convenient to operate. All-in-one C connector makes for a very tidy cable setup and easy replacement of extruder. It also supports BL touch interface connector, customers can easily do some DIY improvement they need.

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Established in 2015, Bigtree Technology Co. ,Ltd is a professional manufacturer and exporter that is concerned with the design, development and production of 3D printers and printer parts. We used to provide great 3D upgrade for some well-known products like creality Ender 3 and receive widespread praise. Our well-equipped facilities and excellent quality control throughout all stages of production enable us to guarantee total customer satisfaction. Now we released this BIQU B1 to enable 3D lovers to get upgraded 3d printers without the needs of buying updates. For more information about this great product, you can refer the official website of BIQU.


Post time: 10-05-2020