3D Printers


1. What's the machine's print size?


2. Which filaments support to print in the machine?

It supports printing the PLA.

3. Does the machine support to connect to a computer for printing?

It supports computer, also you can print by U disk and TF card.

4. If the local voltage only 110V, does it support?

There are 115V and 230V gears on the power supply for adjustment, DC: 24V

5. Does the machine have the function of continuous power off?

Yes, it does.

6. Does the machine have a material breakage detection function?

Yes, it does.

7.Is the printer with dual Z-axis?

No, it's a single screw structure.

8.How many languages the printer supports?

9. It has 15 languages, including English, 简体中文, Русский, 日本語, Հայերեն, Deutsch, Čeština, Español, français, Portugues, Italiano, Polski , Slovensky, Dutch, Magyar.

10.Where can I download the firmware?

The firmware of B1 can be downloaded at bigtreetech's Github.

  1. All Metal Throat or PTFE ?

The printer with PTFE when it out factory, if users want all metal heatbeak, the can choose Add-on on Kickstarter.

2.What version of Raspberry Pi BX supports?

The printer supports version 3 and version 4.

3.What do you need to connect the pi to the BX?

All connector of Raspberry Pi are in our package which include transfer board for Pi4 and Pi3, USB cable and screws, but users need to by the Raspberry Pi themselves. The firmware of Octoprint is available in our Github.

4.The carbon-fiber-like aluminum profile what is the printer Made from?

The frame of BX made up aluminium. We made the appearance of the printer is more like carbon-fibre by water transfer printing.

After-sales Service

1. How many days will I receive my printer?

Answer: It usually takeS 7-20 days to receive your product after we ship out.

2. Whether global free shipping or not?
  1. Answer: It is not global free shipping .due to Express company's different charge standards in different countries, so we provide part of country free shipping.
3.If you purchase a 3d printer from our site, where the printer will be shipped from?
  1. There are different options on our website, such as the US, EU, China.
4.Why do I need to pay tax for our local Express or local customs?

Answer: if your local Express company charges your money, please ask them for the reason?

About customs charging fees. Every country customs has different Import and export tariff systems, if you want to avoid customs fee, please contact our service about your request.

5.How can I obtain After-Sales Service?

If you have a question about our product, please contact us through email, we’ll replay ASAP.

Technical questions can be sent to email:
support@bigtree-tech.com (Motherboard, screen, etc)
support@biqu3d.com (3D printer)

6.What to Do Before Obtaining After-Sales Service

(1) Buyer must provide sufficient proof of purchase
(2) BTT&BIQU must document what happens when buyers troubleshoot the product
(3) The defective item’s serial number and/or visible proof depicting the defect are required
(4) It may be necessary to return an item for quality inspection.